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Career and the Authentic Self: Work Smart, Work Happy! Led by Felice Hernandez

*Is your music career thriving, but you're still feeling unsatisfied?

*Are you new to the music business and unsure of how to reach your goals?

*Are you involved in too many projects?

*Are you satisfied with your career, but looking to make a slight shift?

The paths to success and happiness are plentiful, but sometimes difficult to pinpoint. We all have the tools and resources available for us.

Explore and discover the connection between your career ambition and your true self. Participate in idea-generating activities to improve your focus on personal goals. Walk away with a stronger vision and clearer path, and find the tools you need to get there. This workshop allows you to leave your stage persona at home, and enjoy real, honest conversations with your peers.

*Rediscover your musical identity

*Find inspiration and career insight

*Form new friendships with fellow singers

*Clear the clutter and create the career path that is right for YOU.

Led by Felice Hernandez

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